Our production process has been fine-tuned over our decades of experience in the field. From tea packing to creating our own t-sips brand we ensure that the tea remains fresh, aromatic and rich in flavour. Each cup of our tea embodies our passion and experience backed by world-class technology and hygienic facilities.

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Tasting & Grading

In Sri Lanka, we grow our teas at different elevations which gives the tea different grades because teas grown at various elevations have different tastes and appearances. At Expoteas we source our teas from all elevations to ensure the best blend for a perfect cup of tea, every time. Grading the tea helps ensure an even brew, because when the tea emerges from the drying machine it consists of different sizes and as result brews at different rates.

Purchasing & Blending

We purchase the tea directly from Sri Lanka’s renowned and respected Tea Auction. Thereafter, the tea is blended either according to customer requirements or specific to the territory. We offer both manual and machine tea blending, again done according to customer specifications. Further, we also have a flavoring machine via which we make our own brand of popular flavored tea.

Packaging & Storing

We offer a variety of packaging options, from bulk packing (20kg/10kg/5kg), customized pouch/ box packing for (40g/50g/90g/100g/200g/400g) to Tea bags. Our facilities include pouch packing via an FFS (Form, fill and Seal) machine which is an automated packing system. We further have a Consenta Pyramid tea-bagging machine (string and tag style), while we also offer the envelop style tea bags. All of this is backed by our 200MT storage facility.


We are a leading exporter of all varieties of Pure Ceylon Tea, in a wide range of forms from tea bags, packets and lose in bulk quantities. We also market and assortment of value added speciality teas such as herbal teas, fruit teas and flavoured teas. Owing to our dedication to quality, Expoteas has rapidly grown to be one of the leading exporters in Sri Lanka since 2005. We provide different grades of tea based on location. Our manufacturing process is ISO certified and GMP certified by the Tea Board and SGS.